What is pdf.kiwi?
pdfk.kiwi is the perfect solution for adding a PDF export feature into the application you are creating. With pdf.kiwi you easily generate PDF documents from your HTML/CSS content.
How does it work?
pdf.kiwi is an web API (application programming interface) which can be used by any web server. Your application connects to the our API, sends some HTML formatted content stylised with CSS and receive beautiful well formatted PDF documents.
Who uses pdf.kiwi?
Our API is typically used by developers, software editors, web / mobile application builders who need a reliable, powerful and professional solution for generating PDF documents from the application or software they are building.
What are the functionalities and personalization possibilities?
Please check out our features page.
How are the credits calculated?
Credits decrement is calculated according to the number of pages of the rendered PDF document, and to the generated file size. Here are the rules:
  • 1 credit for every 10 pages
  • +1 credit for each 0.5 MB over the first 0.5 MB
For instance, a generated PDF that contains 19 pages and makes 0.9 MB will cost 3 credits (2 credits for pages + 1 credit for file size)
Or again, a generated PDF that contains 3 pages and makes 1.9 MB will cost 4 credits (1 credit for pages + 3 credits for file size)
Which programming languages does pdf.kiwi support?
Great news : our API is available on any platform that supports HTTP or HTTPS. As long as your preferred language can interact with a REST API through HTTP, pdf.kiwi is compatible with your app. You can use either the API directly or use the official Node.js library or the official PHP library. Both are open source and available for free.
What HTML and CSS level is supported?
pdf.kiwi ensures full HTML and CSS 2 support, as well as the main CSS 3 features. pdf.kiwi is built around WebKit, which is a very popular open source layout engine component for rendering web pages. Several famous web browsers use the same layout engine, initially developed by Apple and afterwards used or forked by others.
Does pdf.kiwi support TLS / SSL encryption?
Yes. When security is a concern for you, our API can be called over HTTPS.